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While China prevents the UN Commission from fulfilling its mandate, the 7th attempt to present a resolution on China continues to produce significant pressure on the Chinese government

April 15, 1997

Human Rights in China (HRIC) regrets the decision of the UN Commission on Human Rights to adopt a so-called no-action motion, a procedural device misused by China to block a resolution on its human rights record.

In spite of this decision, HRIC believes that the attempt to present this resolution for discussion does highlight the gross and systematic violations of human rights in China and produces a constructive pressure. Throughout the years, this pressure has forced the Chinese government to take into account international standards in certain aspects of its legal reform. It continues to brutally repress all critical voices, in particular by resorting to the new state security laws.

This year, introducing a resolution on the human rights situation in China--at the initiative of Denmark and 14 co-sponsors--did bring the Chinese government closer to ratifying one of the two key international human rights covenants, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. "Persistent pressure has to be maintained both through bilateral and multilateral means in order to make China accountable to the fundamental norms of the international community. It will facilitate the transformation of China into a humane, free society," said Xiao Qiang, the executive director of HRIC.

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