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Los Angeles Times: Group calls on China to define 'state secret'

June 12, 2007

Excerpted from Los Angeles Times:

In a report released today, New York-based Human Rights in China calls on Beijing to create a clear definition of what constitutes a state secret. This, the civic group believes, will help narrow laws that in effect allow Beijing to prosecute anyone it decides is a troublemaker.

The group has called on Beijing to heed China's Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression and other basic rights. China, it said, should create an independent review mechanism for secrecy cases, end political interference in the court system and halt the deep-seated culture of secrecy.

"China wants to be a respected member of the international community; that's what the Olympics is about," said Sharon Hom, the group's executive director. "To get international respect, it knows it must do a better job respecting human rights at home and abroad."

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